What Makes Me Special!


What Makes Me Special!  was created after Elizabeth's daughter, Lillian, was given an assignment at school.  It was called "Special Me" and she had a week to show her class all the things that made her special.  Lillian has many wonderful attributes, and several were the same as other kindergarteners in her class.  It was then that Elizabeth shared with Lillian that she believed what makes a person different from everyone else is, in fact, what makes them special.

So What makes Lillian special?  She flaps her arms up and down, like a bee, when she is excited.  This expression of joy inspired Elizabeth to write a poem about her daughter and a flappin-good-tale was born.  

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Author Reading of What Makes Me Special!

A few of my teacher friends asked if I would record myself reading my books to send to their students who are remote learning. I hope you enjoy them!