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I am hoping to teach acceptance of differences and loving oneself for being unique to children through rhyme.  While blogging my journey of parental experiences of caring for my kids with the diagnoses of Apraxia, Dyspraxia, Complex Motor Stereotypies, and Sensory Processing Disorder. 

Helping Others

The Dyspraxia Foundation USA

My personal profits from My Buddy Bryant A Story of Friendship & Dyspraxia book sales go to the Dyspraxia Foundation USA.  It is a non-profit organization that brings awareness and support to individuals and families living with Dyspraxia.

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Helping Others

The High Hopes Foundation of NH

My personal profits from What Makes Me Special!  book sales go to a local children's charity called the 

High Hopes Foundation of New Hampshire.

So far we have raised $5,500 for this charity that grants life enhancing experiences and opportunities to chronically or terminal ill New Hampshire Children.

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